So last night we went to see War of the Worlds — and it was great! Except for the ending…which I can just pretend ended in a different spot, but I won’t mention what spot it was for fear of ruining it for you. I think my favorite quote of the night was from Tim saying “There comes a time everyone’s life that something must be done about Tim Robbins.”

Ha ha.

Yeah. So.

Yesterday I was chastized by a ten year old for not wearing head protection while riding bike, and at the same time his father threw in that my shoes (sandals) were inappropriate bike gear as well.

Dang. But after reading about an acquaintance wiping out on his bike — maybe I *should* start to wear the stupid thing. I mean I have it. It’s hanging up in the stairs to the basement.

If only it didn’t feel so dumb. If I had grown up doing it, it might be a different story.

God, I am like those old people that don’t wear seatbelts.

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