It started on Thursday with a few crackle and pops. Now, four days later, the sounds of a war torn city are still very audible. I guess that is what happens when the fourth is on a Monday.

Yesterday I went over to Laima’s with DH and LB (little brother). It wasn’t a big gathering, but lots of people we liked to hang out with. We ate. Played some yard games, made fire, sat around it talking, ate some more, guzzled some booze, talked some more. DH and I stayed until 1:00 AM — we closed the joint. Of course we also had the least distance to travel to get home.

I bought rollerblades. I caved. But DH made it look so freaking easy. It took us forever to find adult sized protection. We went home, I put the stuff on, and I wobbled my way onto the sidewalk. I am not as bad I thought I would be — I guess all that toodling around Menomonie in Walmart specials paid off.

I tried to read Red Mars by Kim Robinson — but I gotta tell you…200+ pages in and I am bored to tears. BORED. I am have to let it go and move onto other books. I have that second Freidman book — that Sarah got me started on last year. I also have the second Edding’s books to read, and also the Time Traveller’s Wife — on loan from Sarah. What I want to do is read the Time Traveller’s wife. However, the Friedman book is from interlibrary loan and I feel I have some sort of obligation to read it first. Epsecially since I think I need to return them tomoorrow.

We saw part of Independence Day on cable today, I’ll leave you with my favorite quote:

“What do you want us to do?” asked Mr. President.
“DIE!” replied alien controlled Data.

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