I collapsed in on myself for tonight’s fall. Just when I was thinking to myself “I wonder if I will fall today.” My wheel shot back and I just….imploded. My knee totally went the wrong way and my arm was bent just as wrongly.

It kind of hurts. I bet it’s going to get sore. I bet it would have been a lot worse if I hadn’t been loosened and warmed up from TKD.

Oh and last week my darling bought me flowers — for NO PARTICULAR reason other than to do something nice for me. Let’s just not mention that I told him he had to do something nice for me the week before because by last week, I had forgotten I ever said it. :)

Flowers. They so pretty.

I had a Chipotle burrito today — and I am still not hungry. It’s the only thing I have eaten….and …food just seems uninteresting. Unless of course you happen to put little cheesecake appeteasers in front of me. I could manage to eat that. Or maybe meatballs on toothpicks. Or quite possibly a piece of fruit pizza.

I am having a garage sale this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The last time I had one it was a porch sale when I lived a block away from the capital. I woke up and decided one morning to sell some shit and call some people to see if they wanted to sell their stuff too. They did. I wish this time it had been that easy….no this time it was a year in the making and lots of patience pills.

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