The sky is all clouded over and dark. I opened the window blinds so I could watch people scurry when the storm starts — but nobody is out there. It’s been a while since there has been a thunderstorm in this city. I wish that this was going to be strong enough to knock out the power.

I think that is always my wish when I am work.

Oh crap! I left all the windows open at home….well it should be okay. We have an overhang all around the house. So no water should get in at all. Plus the gutters are clean.

Anyway. I am the only one here today. I have some things to do, but they aren’t screaming to be finished. Rather, if I did them all right now, then I would have nothing to do for the rest of the day except my busy work project (that needs to be done) but nothing hinges on it. Days like that. Anyone else having a day like that?

Last night I watched — Home at the End of the World – and it was weird to see Colin Farrell play a part like that. I kept imagining him as bullseye, which made it a little extra hard to imagine him as the sensitive, free loving character he played.

So yesterday felt like a day of. A vacation. My first free, all to myself kind of day. What did I do with it? I got up to look for DH’s dental information because he didn’t have it. *rolls eyes* then I wrote some cards — one for my first favorite brother Shane. [I just realized I forgot to call...damnit. HE never forgets...] It was his birthday yesterday, so I bet he thinks I forgot.

Then I sacrificed time to the internet, sorted beads and watched an episode of Sliders, read outside for awhile in the wonderful sunny, mildish weather. I finished sewing a green skirt – that I would have documented for TCEKU.NET except that that the pattern was already cut out, and all I did was sew it together and add an elastic waistband. Not really creative on my part…but it got my machine back to where it belongs, a bobbin refilled with thread, and the ironing board up and ready.

But I feel kind of bad for Tceku — I haven’t had a lot of time to devote to it lately. Something I want to remedy, but the guilt of not doing anything for awhile, even though it was MY idea, is weighing me down man.

After the skirt, I washed dished, wiped the counter, swept the floor, cleaned up that fucking cat’s pee, and put laundry away. Then Heather picked me up and we went swimming at her place. I used my swimming suit for the first time in… uh…like 5 years. OH that pool was amazing. I had such a good time swimming and thought it was chilly when I got out! I wish I had a pool.

Later on I made a terrible dinner — the pasta was mystery pasta from when my aunt passed away — so it was like wheat free pasta or some goofy thing like that. Nasty stuff, and then that with DH’s lean turkey bacon (read jerky)…eh. I had a tripple chocolate Dove bar for dinner instead. Oh man are those things good.

I have been working on writing again too. Making sure I can get in little bits a day, as long as I keep up with the craftwork, and other obligations. It’s been nice to write a little. It makes me feel more like me.

Well, I suppose I should go and see if I can photocopy on cardstock. Maybe more later…I feel like I am in a rambling kind of mood.

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