I went to a craft show this weekend — it was mostly crap crafts. I don’t get this whole retro housewife/crafty thing where the girls in their cat glasses and revamped 50′s dresses can think making crappy, pointless crafts has anything to do with housewifery. For example, felt stuffed animals? And crocheted yarn flower brooches? A real housewife wouldn’t pay for that — she would pay for something that is functional AND kitschy (because she is frugal). These kids these days just don’t get that. I ended up buying some soap and bath products.

I am a real fan of handmade soap with all natural ingredients. I can’t tell you how much my acne has cleared up since I switched to handmade soaps. DH’s skin has improved drastically too! I think the quitting smoking has had an effect as well — but we have done that before it wasn’t this dramatic.

I am thinking I want to learn how to make my own soap now.

Contacts! I can see three-D now. It’s awesome. I might even wear some make up again — since I am firm believer that most eye make up looks lame with glasses.

Read a lot — the sunday paper and the CS Friedman book, I have a bit of a backlog still and I have to remind myself that I really shouldn’t order any more books until I am done with it. But it’s hard not too….maybe what I should say is “I can read more book at once just not more than one of the same genre…”

Played a lot of Champions of Norath: Call to Arms.

Made a crabmeat (fake) carribean salad. It was an “exotic, refreshingly light salad.”

Watched Battlestar and the 4400.

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