Last night DH and I dined on sumptuously on seafood at the Red Lobster. We both tried lobster and didn’t think it was all that — but we loved the snow crab. Man that’s good and it doesn’t even need the butter! It was a wonderful day spent reading, doing a few chores, breakfast at IHOP, and quality time spent together. Although, now that we finally got Red Lobster out of the way, what are we going to do for next year’s anniversary? Hmm. Maybe Bunky’s (if it’s still in business by then). That place always looks hoppin’.

So Heather can’t workout tonight, and my clothes are on the line so I am going to opt for a skate with Tim instead of doing another TKD night with Master Eric. I mean, he’s okay but I was there yesterday and I don’t want everyone’s schedule to get messed up. Besides my clothes are damp and working out in damp clothes suck.

I gotta figure out something for dinner tonight. Tuna casserole? That might be too much seafood overkill. What else…what else….

The Time Traveller’s Wife is REALLY addicting — in fact, I am going to go and read it now instead of sitting here wasting precious time typing this nonsense.

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