DH is in bed, maybe sleeping. BIL Phil came over this morning with nephew (why is it that Kandi — Phil’s new bride’s, son is just our…er…my nephew — when his step dad is my brother in law…shouldn’t that make him my nephew in law? Weird). Anyway, he drove us to the east side Unity clinic whatever to have DH’s wisdom’s extracted. Phil sat in the waiting room on call, while Caleb and I played cards out in the bigger waiting area. I drank two cups of free coffee and he had a cup of oversweet tea. He taught me how to play speed today! Woo. I showed him how to play memory with cards — he didn’t quite catch on to the whole black black idea … so we just played with any matching number/face card. It made it alot easier. I have to remember he is only seven.

When I retrieved DH from the recovery cot I had to laugh because he looked stunned. He just looked like a stunned chipmunk.

We stopped at Woodman’s to get some pudding, ice cream, applesauce, coco wheats, whip cream, sherbert, soy milk, diet clear soda and juice. Then later to Walgreen’s to get his drugs. Man, they gave him 30…count them….30! oxycodine pills…while I got only 12. I am beginning to feel like I went to back alley to get my teeth removed last October while DH here gets the royal treatment. Shoot.

He’s napping now — I am gotta get ready to go and fight. Blast, it’s hot out there. At least I don’t have to cook for the next few days — I mean making coco wheats isn’t exactly hard. :) and I love coco wheats with brown sugar and whip cream. :D We have three movies: the extended Return of the King (which means i want to watch all the other ones first right now….), Below, and National Treasure.

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