I’m feeling bored today. I wish Hilary was back already. Or I wish I could drive and had an extra car so that I could take myself to the state fair. I have never been to a “State” fair before — and I really want to try one of those cream puffs.

Last night I couldn’t sleep. Lots of tossing and turning — it felt like I was cramped up. You know like you just want to stretch or use your muscles until they are soft and squishy? I feel like I should do something strenous — normally it would be rollerblading on the State Trail but because my partner in crime can’t do anything strenous for a week — I’m on my own.

Then if I was going to really be on my own, I much rather go for a hike. That would be cool.

I have a horrible looking bruise on right forearm the size of a golf ball. It’s pretty disgusting and it hurts to touch it. I also have a bruise on my back where I broke it five years ago. Sigh. Thank goodness there isn’t much of a sparring class for a few weeks. It will give me time to get rid of these bruises and look like a normal person. DH suggested I wear back armor — I told him I just need to move faster and not get hit. Besides, my back isn’t gonna break again in that same spot — it’s more solid than ever. Who else has a steel strengther in their lumbar region? Huh? Not many.

Gah. Bored. I did all my work today. I have been working on some barrettes. The house is pretty clean. I don’t feel like writing today. I don’t feel like reading. I want to do something exciting! Invigorating! Like…going on a safari, a congo adventure, hanging out in a coffee shop in Helsinki, go rock climbing, hiking, fishing, a fun dance club, a water park, go karting, on rollercoasters, eat *really* good food, explore a foreign citie’s downtown, sail, horseback ride, meet someone new who is really interesting and cool, go canoeing, see an old friend, shop.

Then I remember my own motto: boring people get bored. Then I get a little deflated. PFt.

Let’s see. Why do old people wear swimsuits when it’s hot, when they are clearly NOT swimming and instead doing yard work? Why is that okay for them to be half naked?

We are getting a foster dog tomorrow. Short term, will stay with us for two weeks or so until he moves into his adopted home. I hope he is good and doesn’t pee all over Pluto’s stuff.

Maybe I’ll go a little early today, since I’m not doing anything anyway.

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