I woke up this morning to the sounds of my DH in agony in the bathroom, then in the living room, followed by the kitchen. Finally I got up and made him take two oxycodine’s (even though it was only two of four left). I tried to make a tea compress — but he said it was bitter and threw it to the side very dramatically.

Of course he was dying.

After I managed to calm him down enough to go back to bed and “be still.” I went online to see if there was anything I could do. In a word? Nothing. Against all of our best intentions, he somehow developed dry socket on his two lower extration sites. The only thing you can do it ease the pain with mediciated gauze, packings and whatnot’s. I might have been able to make a clove thingie for him, except I don’t have any whole cloves.

To make it all just a little more dramatic, he flew to the Twin Cities today to attend a day conference, so there was nothing else he could do but figure out a way to handle the pain. Well, and for me to figure out a pain management schedule for him. A friend had given me some of his leftover wisdom teeth pills last November — and hope that they work. Because DH runs out of hi oxycodine stuff at noon today.

I don’t think the flight attendant would be as compassionate about his pain as I am.

I can’t wait for it to be over with. He has turned into such a pill.

And speaking of pill’s…this dog. This Cruiser foster dog of ours — is pratically a puppy. It has tons of energy, he’s smart, he keeps getting into thing and occasionally is picking fights with the cats. Okay, okay, the cats might be picking fights with him, but he’s barking back and that’s never a good thing. So far, he had gotten into a library book, a paper journal/book and took it apart for me (it’s okay because i bought it for the paper anyway), two pajammies, several bowls, shoes, slippers, counter surfing, etc. He did learn how to play with toys right away (it took Pluto 9 months to figure that out), is learning how to play fetch really fast (took Pluto at least 6 to catch on), lay on the couch within the first hour (Pluto = several days), and he loves to walk. I have had to keep him on a two walk a day schedule to manage his energy and make sure he doesn’t rip the house apart.

I should take him on one now. I was going to do it this morning, but after being up for half of the earliest part, I slept in until 11:00. Then I ate some bad ravioli from Dollar General. Sigh. That is another thing, I want to be able to eat normal food again. To actually cook, and although I don’t always like to do it, at least the food is a lot better.

I have the whole day be myself. It’s strange. What should I do? Finish some letters certainly. Walk the dogs, surely. Go to TKD since I skipped yesterday to help the mother and father in law do their taxes. They got two extentions to wait to the last possible minute. Geez. Um. I have two movies that DH has no interest in seeing…and I could do some more crafting. Maybe even squeeze in a half an hour of cleaning — or at least laundry.

It’s strange — I feel like this is what it’s like to be single.

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