Alright. I am halfway through my goals list for August:

1. Attend 10 TKD classes – not done ( I am 7 — this was a gimme to boost my confidence)
2. Drop four pounds – compromising … I MIGHT have time to drop two — but if bagels keep hurling themselves at me, then it’s tough. I also didn’t count on DH being out so long with the whole rollerblading thing.
3. Write a short story- not done.
4. 8 Pieces of beadwork – almost there (keychain, four barrettes finished, one necklace — still need two more)
5. Progress towards on large piece of beadwork — not done still thinking of idea….
6. Read two books – halfway there, David Eddings second book finished, working on Kage Baker’s The Life of the World to Come (great stuff!!!)
7. Sew/remake a shirt – not done.
8. Replace kitchen faucet – not done.
9. Write six letters (so far sam, jen r, mom, jeannette, penpal, sarah — working on lynn — so accomplished!
10. Visit with an old friend — Done, Richard
11. Made three phone calls (one down – Amy, two to go– Melissa…and who the hell else? Who want’s to chat with me?)
12. Vacuum/Sweep basement – not done
13. Scrub bathroom room – done!
14. Think of day trip for Tim’s vacation part one – not done
15. Level 20 on Champions of Norath – Done — up to level 23. I hate this character though…I want to hurry up and finish so I can revive my archer).

Bonus accomplishments: fostered dog, visit with Laima, random act of kindness, and took care of my DH with his whole dry socket drama.

So this weekend: after work beer tonight at the Weary Traveller, Kennel Days tomorrow morning and dropping off Cruiser to be adopted that day!, pick up contacts, perhaps child sit, write a short story, talk on the phone…and maybe replace that damned faucet.

And in other news, this morning I treated myself to an egg sandwich from micky-d’s. You know the english muffin vs the biscuit. Then I go upstairs and find that there are Einstein bagels just because it is Friday. So I had one of those too. Sigh. I’ll think of it as a good breakfast….and I’ll have a lighter lunch. Gosh, I really feel like hiking today.

Like when I was younger and would just go into the woods to walk around explore. Climb trees, cross steams, hack my way through brush and briar….once I even went through a swamp (that was hard, stinky and sucky!).

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