I did it! I did it! I am so pleased with myself. On Sunday I replaced the kitchen faucet all by my lonesome! It’s so nice. It works so well. There is not water sprayed everywhere every time I turn it on. I looked at the bottom of the other faucet and saw that it didn’t corrode persay, no it split! Sucky.

This new one though…it’s nice. I even replaced the spray nozzle — and it works SO well. Well enough to wash my hair in the sink if I so wanted too.

DH said “Why don’t you become a plumber instead of an electrician — I would feel safer about that.” Yeah, maybe I should. Or maybe I should just continue with my plans to learn as much about home improvement as possible. Go to free seminar’s on how to do stuff like dry wall, put in a ceiling fan — whatever is offered so I can learn.

Because knowledge is power — and after all, I do have a house. I should do something with it. Mold it to be the way I want it to be. Right? This is only the start of year three in this locale. After we pass year three it will have been the longest we have ever been in one place. So I thinking the longer you are in one place the more interest you have in how it looks/is/turns out to be.

Anyway. We have a new foster. We dropped off Cruiser this past weekend…oh I gotta story about him that I should tell you. I will — in a while. Anyway, we dropped him off, drove to the kennels to walk dogs and ended up getting another one. This one’s name is Taz — and he is nothing like his cartoon namesake. He is very timid and very, very shy. Poor boy. It’s going to take him a while to come around. He’s just so scared of everything!

We also bought a new rug for the animals to puke on.

So, I finished the Baker book, and replaced the faucet — I didn’t write any stories or make any phone calls — but I did finish two more goals. Rock on.

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