I think there might be rose buds in my hair. I took a bath and used a batch of salts that had been perfumed with rose and real rose dried rose buds. Little things. I dumped it all in and then soaked. I felt like a bit of a princess.

Last night I went out, and it was fun, but today I am feeling like — well like I am slow auto pilot. It’s not a hangover…it’s … I don’t know. You know how that is when you go out and you just have a “life over” or something like that.

So. I spent the morning eating, and watching TV and going through two pots of tea so far. I am now working on my third — I think I’ll make chamomile since I am have such a comfort day.

I need to start thinking about what my September goals are gonna be. It’s not something you can just DO…it takes a little thought. A little…keeping it in the back of your mind. I shouldn’t even be thinking of it as I have yet to finish the ones for this month. But I have a week — and sometimes procrastinating is the biggest joy in life.

Alright. I suppose. I need to bring in the laundry. Put it away. Write my story. Light some incense. Let my hair air dry. Drink tea.

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