Gosh, I am total space case today. This morning, after an interrupted night’s sleep thanks to Taz the timid dog, I woke up feeling a little groggy. But not too much worse than other morning. Got up, ate some banana bread, watched a little CNN and got dressed. I got a lite lunch together, gathered up the mail and impatiently asked DH if he was ready yet. I went out side, clipped the mail to the box and started daydreaming about a strange dream I had.

“BIKE!” DH hollered from the house.

Bike? What? What about the … oh crap! I had forgotten my bike. I went back in and got it. How could I forget my transportation home? I never forget my bike. Sheesh. I put the bike in the car, climbed into the front seat and listened to DJ Underfoot’s latest mix on the way to work.

DH pulled into the parking lot, I gave him a kiss, pulled my bike out and rode on into my day. As I was coming up to the bike rack I noticed a man walking in front of me had one pant leg tucked into his sock. “Your pant leg is caught in your sock,” I told him. He turned around surprised and then looked down and fixed it. “Thanks,” he said kind of sheepishly.

I reached into my bag for my keys and dug around. Nothing. I took out my lunch and wallet and peered into the inky depths. Tube of lipstick, metal clip with blue light, loose change, a couple of pens and the pump part to a small water filter…but no keys.

Gah. Should I leave my bike and go buy a lock? How would I get into my house later? And did I really want to leave my bike unattended for any amount of time?

Thankfully it only took me two minutes to swallow my pride and call DH. He came back, I put my bike in the car and he gave me his keys. I told him that it would have been easier if I had left my bike at home after all…

Anyway. What a start to the day. Now I have to take the bus home…but I think I’ll walk a good portion of it. Tonight I get to have Existential Coffee with Hilary and Laima. Tomorrow, DH is going to drive really fast go karts.

Oh, and as of right now, I am an official board member of the new Ho-Chunk Alumni Association. Pretty cool, huh?

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