Still recovering.

Yesterday was awful. Taz, the foster dog got loose. He ran his “walk” circuit, and with the help of two bikers, one pedestrian, Hilary and her car, and a helpful neighbor (in which we realized we knew each other from Matt n Sigrid’s moving day), we managed to capture him. Thank god he didn’t get run over, or lost. I felt terrible about it, and having “let” him escape. He bulldozed his way through the door as soon as I had opened it, but I wasn’t prepared and he got free. You can damn well be sure that I will be prepared from now on.

My feet are covered in blisters. I discarded my sandals one block into the chase and the concrete ripped them to shreds.

My chest still hurts from this cold and I haven’t gotten a decent night’s sleep in four days. I feel dizzy, out of it, and tired.

My digital camera is … broken. I need a new one. Pictures will be few and scant until then.

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