I had a fantastic weekend. The first in such a long time. I went to Hochunk and lost money, I had pasta at Noodle N Company, I went to the Inferno, I had a lovely dinner at Ginza’s, I visited most of my friends with the exception of Roberta….(darnit). It was SUCH a lovely time. This next weekend I am going to Black River Falls to visit my Dad. I really hope it is going to be warm. I am looking forward to picking up some more beads and expanding into leather.

I have a few leather books right now that I haven’t had much time to read though. I might look over them tonight and copy the pages I want specifically. At least i know what I am looking for in this. I am excited. I love learning new crafts, almost as much as I enjoy meeting new people.

What is going on with Excerpts? Nothing it seems. Damnit.

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