I feel like Timmons — when he had that insane amount of cats. Except for just animals. We have three dogs and three cats (of course there is still the possum and the lone fish).

Super — our short term foster, here until Monday (if she is good) and Friday (if she is not). She’ll be gone on Monday though — this girl is SUPER (pun) sweet. Seriously. She is people orientated. Although she is scared, like they all are in the beginning. She just shivers with fear, but unlike Taz (who is still afraid of overhead fans) she participates. So far Super’s quirk is: she gets on the couch and then whines because she is scared to get off.

Oh dogs.

We are still undecided about Tigger. He’s just so damn, insufferably cute.

Busy day I think. I gotta shower, walk some dog, I thought I might do something with Hilary but it looks like she has better things to do this morning. So. I am going to go and write. Then reward myself with a little NEW katamari action, clean up, write, and then do something with Christian when he and Cecci roll into town. There’s a buncha of other crap too (library, grocery store, garage sale?)….

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