I DID IT! I went to my first tournament. Something I have been nervous about since Wednesday — not even a full day after I decided to participate. All that worry and fretting over a few minutes — but whoa…those few minutes are intense. I got a chance to fight unknown women at my rank. It was great! I felt like I should have done better because it whooped me…I felt like I was sloppy and doing the same kinds of moves over and over….and now I can think back and see all the things I SHOULD have done if I hadn’t had been so tense…and well.

Anyway. The end result? I won! I got first place in the Adult Women’s Green/Blue division! I am still so wired, it hasn’t really set in.

I think what made it great was that I had people to hang out with. Scarymike, his friend John, Instructor Eric from the Rings and fellow student (Rings) – Louis. So Eric didn’t compete. Louis is an old hand (two years), my first and John’s first and Mike’s first in 10 years. We ALL kicked ass! Seriously.

Now I wish I had just relaxed more — but you know, it’s par for the course. If you are going swimming you have to get wet sometime. But you know, it’s just like my wedding — all that preparation and worry for a day that just blurs by. UNLIKE my wedding though, I can do more tournaments. :D

So cool. I’m really happy.

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