This weekend we are going camping up north to kettle moraine. You should ALL go. Much wood to be burned, and fires to be had. The good news is we are supposed to have FANTASTIC weather — practically a first. :D

Tigger the wonder yorkie is being watched by neighbors and we are taking Pluto with us, to keep the tent warm. I think we have almost come to a decision on Tigger too, and unfortunately it isn’t in his favor. Mostly because I found blood in Innsmouth’s urine on Tuesday. We took her to the vet, who could feel no stones or crystals and gave us a prescription for antibiotics. It just pounds home, the extra vet bills clause. All three cats are due for shots and wellness check, in addition to teeth cleaning. Plus, we do ALOT of greyhound fostering and will be swamped with dogs well after the Geneva track closes.

Innsmouth has been taking her pills like a champ — but we also noticed urine in the bathroom, and poop in the guest room. There is no doubt about it, having Tigger around has changed the fragile truce between all animals. For some reason, an extra greyhound doesn’t bother the cats … but a small dog is a different story. Even though he is VERY sweet.

After being on a high for conquering my tournament fear this weekend, I went ahead and decided to abolish another one. I applied for and was accepted to be vendor at the Mad Craftmas event to be held at the High Noon Saloon Nov. 26-27th in Madison. I went ahead and did this knowing I have small amount of inventory, but am enjoying the idea of the challenge. DH of course, has expressed little faith in my adventure which makes me a teeny bit sad, but at the same time this isn’t HIS adventure to succeed or fail at. It’s ultimately mine. I have, however convinced Hilary to utilize some of her amazing painting skills into making small crafts to sell as well. I also called my Mom and told her to make some magnets (I’ll provide the magnets). I think they are cute and can be sold inexpensively. I know she would appreciate ANY amount she could make on them. Now to just figure out how much space I have, to make a display AND to make the actual inventory. I also have to make a matching martingale collar, key chain, necklace, bracelet, and earring set to donate to the Greyhound Gala.

I am busy!

Tomorrow we have to drive BACK to Madison to attend a baby shower. Lots of driving, but we had thought the baby shower (for SIL Sarah) was going to be on Sunday. Whoops.

DH is also going to be gone for two weeks this month in Chicago. I don’t think I’ll be able to go with because I get to possibly take care of THREE dogs, three cats, my stupid fish and my bitey possum. :(

I need to remember to take a shower when we get home. There is nothing worse than to head out to camp all dirtified. For now, I need to leave work, ride home and not get hit by any garage sales, get the camping stuff out, go shopping for food/booze, get the animals stuff ready, shower, deliver Tigger, and yeah….

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