Oh so sick. :(
How can this happen? I was just sick a month ago — to the day. Yesterday was pretty crappy, and today I woke up feeling good (like you always do when you manage to get sleep after a crappy day), but that wore off quickly. I did manage to shower and eat some dry toast though. Then when I was sitting on the couch DH asked “Why don’t you just call in sick?”

“Because I have responsibility,”I muttered. “I hate it. If I wanted a job with responsibility I would get one.”

“So tell them that, or your gonna simmer all day!” he replied.

“No,” I said “It’s not that big of a deal actually. Just some questions and stuff I don’t have answers to anyway.”

Then while DH went to buy me cold medicine and diet coke, I called in sick and then said I would email them. I mean, why should I get worked up about this? I can barely talk without sounding muffled, and my thinking seems like it could be straighter.

Ugh. We have a foster dog (picked up last night) named Chatty. She is living up to her name — she is a LOUD whiner. It sucks. It really really sucks.

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