Sometimes I wish I had a filter on this, you know for friends only. Not that I don’t consider each and every one of you my deepest friends. ;) But seriously it would make some things easier to say.

It’s really cold today. What a drastic change from yesterday. IT dropped at least 30 degrees overnight. I went outside and mowed the back and front lawn, picked up poop, did some laundry and worked on keychains for the upcoming craftfair. I need to really spend some quality time cozing up to being a crafting factory.

I can’t find my bike light. I think I am going to ask DH for a ride to TKD and then just walk home afterward to see if I can’t get a ride to at least cottage grove road. I can walk the rest. OR I very well might be walking the whole thing.

Good news is that Tigger is working on a second homestay with the Neighbors to see if he might be a good fit to their little family. Also, Chatty the Whiney dog has found a home! Thank goodness, she is a pill to have around the house — very smart, very active and quickly bored. I miss Tigger a little bit, but I think I’ll get over it. Especially since his possible new home is a MUCH better fit for him. Chatty I won’t miss one whit. She is leaving tomorrow — hopefully.

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