I haven’t gone grocery shopping in weeks. I have been scavenging stuff out of the house and buying out. I hate buying out so much, it adds up, and while I can afford it for the first time in my life, it doesn’t make it right.

I feel a little dissatisfied with work this week, and maybe last week. Ok, that isn’t the complete truth, I feel dissatisfied with my performance in work the past couple of weeks…either I have become terribly efficient, smart etc….or people are just not really paying attention. I think it is the latter. I guess what is really bothering me, is that this is bothering me. Dig?

Only two more weeks until I see friends I haven’t seen since high school. It is going to be so weird. My little brother will graduate, and I will finally get to see what a goth night in Minneapolis is like. I have been waiting for that opportunity since I was 17 and in Menomonie. Okay, maybe not exclusively waiting for that moment….

I remember most fondly that one foiled trip to MN the day our junior year ended with Jaime and Rachel. We were looking for prostitutes, and fun and excitement. We didn’t want the prostitutes services…no, we just wanted to see them. Or maybe I did. Long story short though, the night ended with Jaime, Rachel and I, high, standing outside of a some man’s hotel with four MN police banging on the door.

It was an adventure, and a great story. Ask me about it sometime.

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