Ha ha….I guess if you read that last post in a certain way, it is possible to see it as a divorce announcement. Sheesh, am I that much of a drama queen? I didn’t think so.

Post resignation has been great! DH is almost a totally different person. He has one good job lead here in Madison, a call to discuss his resume for another (in a crappy city), great advice from DBA’s to spiffy his resume…so it’s cool. At this point in time, he is focusing his search on Junior Level DBA (data base administrator) with 2-4 year experience jobs. Thus if you see anything like that, give us a shout. He is also willing to drive cab. :D Ha ha. He is a pretty good driver. But a big thanks to everyone who has said something — all that support is incredible.

This past weekend I went to a bachelorette party — it was fun. I really enjoy the company of Tiara’s friends — they are such a great collection of smart, funny, intelligent, crafty women. DH drove me to Milwaukee and then spent the hours with his parents while I proceeded to mix alcohol and get drunk. :(

I hate hangovers — however they do enable me to have “delicate movie days.” You know? Even when I was sick last week, I still managed to get a lot done around the house. Thus we have had a lot of netflix movies piling up and not getting watched, and video games not getting played. I remedied that situation with lots of Katamari Damacy II, and then I watched Million Dollar Baby and Finding Neverland.

I didn’t think I would like Million Dollar Baby — but I did. I mean, it wasn’t anything I would shout about off the top of a big building, but I enjoyed it. There was one scene in particular that I can’t get out of my head. It’s the one where she buys the house for her Mom and sister and takes them there to surprise them. The mother and sister then proceed to yell at her for doing such stupid thing, that if she wanted to do something like that she should have just given them the money. It might jeopardize her welfare and “I know you mean well honey, but sometimes you just don’t think these things through.”

I couldn’t turn away. That exact same thing has happened to me, and I know if I ever had the money to buy my Mom a house that I would get the same lecture. It would jeopardize her SSI. It’s crippling–that fear…and it’s horrible that I could see both sides of the story. Of course I sympathized with Maggie (Hilary Swank) and really admired her spirit throughout the movie.

Finding Neverland, on the other hand….eh. I watch a lot o drama and it was just okay. Not that great.

Today is Columbus Day so no mail. I sent my Mom/Family a package last week full of double and triple X shirts, a gossipy letter and crafting supplies. I had gotten the shirts for a dollar at Maxwell Street days — they are all Wisconsin orientated but hey, a freaking dollar! I hope they fit someone. The lady at the post office told me that the package wouldn’t get there until Tuesday because of the holiday. “What holiday?” I asked. “Columbus Day,” she replied with a knowing smile.

Oh. That.

There was this woman at work today I told “You have a doppleganger — I met her at the Barktober fest at the humane society.”

“A what?” she asked.

“A doppleganger,” I replied.
“What is a doppleganger?” she asked with a smile.
“It’s someone that looks just like you,” I answered and walked away.

Who the heck doesn’t know what a doppleganger is? Is this what living with a bunch of germans does to you? Er, by germans, what I really mean is a State and region of the state heavily influenced by german ancestry. In that case, then shouldn’t every one know what a doppleganger is? Well, I went back and related the incident to my coworkers who then told me that I made that word up, and didn’t know what it meant either. Huh?!

Seriously, it’s not that often I feel like I know something the general public doesn’t know. Usually I am the one to ask these questions.

Yoga tonight with Liama — so not in the mood. But I paid for it…and I gots to go for three more months. :! At least it’s only once a week. And I don’t have to ride bike there. Riding home after work was hard — wind the whole way and it’s cold. I don’t know how much longer I am going to continue to ride my bike home from work. I might have to fix my DDR dance pads to get that same exercise in during the week.

I am super behind on letters. Really super behind. Thank god this is a “normal” week, in which I have the day off tomorrow. Then I get to do things like clean, pay bills, and craft. I should at least shoot off a card though — a short letter to at least Helen, I think I am almost two months behind in replying to her. Whoa!

That reminds me that I got the BEST Card in the mail last week — it was from my Jessie — handmade…you open it up and on the inside is a tiny little karate uniform with a black belt (hey big wishes right?!), little nun chucks with a real chain, tiny little black slippers and a little broken board! Oh my god, I nearly died from cuteness. I think it’s the most clever card I have ever gotten — and it’s going to be framed. How can you NOT frame that? I wish my camera was working. Oh — it was congratulating me on my big win, but really I should be congratulating her on her excellent card.

It’s so cold! I am trying to out wait this stupid cold spell by resisting turning on the heat. IT’s hard…so hard. I should at least put down the storms — maybe that will keep the meager heat we accumulate from three cats, a dog and the daylight sun. I am also seriously considering getting a ceramic space heater to “spot warm” the house and the basement — to save on heat.

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