Sometimes I get into the mode of thinking, in which I say to myself “You can’t go posting all day, when you have a crap load of things to do.”

Sure, that’s okay for a day or two…but over a week? My goodness, I can hear my fans starving from all the way over here for meaningless tidbits of life. :D

I’ve been kind a busy. Let’s look at last week:

Monday: Work, Yoga, grocery shopping

Tuesday: Hilary craft day, dinner, TKD, X-Men

Wednesday: Rollerblading with Tim, watched Endif at the Inferno

Thursday: Got my 5th stripe on my Blue Belt — now I just need to test for the Brown

Friday: State St. stroll with the Samsa ladies, Audrey N. at the public library with
Sarah, after work beer at the Weary Traveller, party at Sigrid and Matt’s.

Saturday: Greyhound Gala in Waukesha all day — I won a terrycloth robe, and lavender bath set with loofa all in a basket that Arkham now uses for his bed.

Sunday: Woke up to coffee, cream cheese kringle and the sunday paper via Tim (heart). Haunted a church for our every other month service, wrote a letter, rollerbladed 10 miles with Tim on the Cap. times trail.

Monday: Yoga was cancelled cos Laima went to a show. Phil and Caleb came over to pick up the old gateway (all cleaned up) and hutch (equally cleaned up) to start it’s new lease on life. Hilary came over and we crafted, talked and listened to music while eating freshly baked apple walnut cake and raspberry tea. We had fish soup for dinner and I made croutons for the first time.

Tuesday: I crafted most of the day, walked Pluto who has started to do the MOST annoying thing ever. He lifts his leg like he is going to pee — and then poops! All over trees. It’s a bitch to clean up, I tell you. A bitch. Updated this.

I forget what I had planned for dinner tonight. :( I am kind of peckish now, come to think of it.

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