Yesterday I had a glorious mini retreat. I decided to treat myself to a nice lunch, all by myself and some cards at a sit down resturant on State Street. After looking at every single resturant ON State Street, I ended up at the mexican grill resturant called Frida. I got a twice baked chicken burrito with the usual smattering of rice, tomatos, refried beans and lettuce, and well as the chips and salsa opener. WOW! I totally expected typical mexican food but this was…good. There was something about everything that was exceptionally flavorful and delicious. I scarfed the burrito and the chips. Then I decided “Hey, Laura you are having a blast. Why don’t you go the extra step and get dessert and coffee?”

I did. I ordered it without looking at the price. I got the chocolate fudge cake — it was amazing. HUGE piece that I immediately cut in half to put in a togo box for the DH later on, and then tried to eat the remaining half. I only got a quarter of the way through it, it was incredibly rich delicious. After I paid the bill I looked at the price of the cake — $7.00!!! I have never paid more for a piece of cake — but man was it good, and big so the experience was lengthened.

Walking out of the resturant I headed to my favorite State Street store — Ideal for You to shop. It was nice to feel like I could shop and not feel guilty about it because it was for a wedding gift. :D

Last night was mellow — had a beer, played X-Men, shopped at Menards for window insulation packets, came home turned on the heat and then went to bed. I slept in this morning and it was WONDERFUL! Gah…so nice. My goal this morning is to clean. The house is less clean that I would like it to be, and since we are going to be out of town tonight I want to come back to a nice place. There is nothing like that feeling of coming and saying “ahhh…home.”

I am kinda bummed I get to miss the Madison Zombie Lurch this afternoon at 2:00 — but we have prior obligations. I hope a lot of people go and that a lot of photos are taken. I hope they do it again next year.

So far today I have washed the dishes — I still have four pots to go, but everything else is washed. I also made breakfast and coffee, and showered. Now I am updating this — all part of the morning of cleaning, see. Next up is to sweep and vacuum, light some incense, straighten up the flat surfaces in the living room, wrap gift, pack and pet the Migo kitty.

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