The first group of kids strolled up to the house at about 6.45 PM — and then ended at 8:00PM. So not that long — but I am happy to report that we had a record number of trick or treaters — twenty six! That is TWICE the amount we had last year …. the first year 16, last year 13, this year 26 (just in case you didn’t get that already.)

Cool. The vast majority of them were preteen though — and you all know that preteens just don’t try that hard. PLus that is when all human beings are generally creatively stunted…..must … do….”normal”…costumes — dracula, two girls dressed as boys, one girl wore sponge bob pj’s and claimed his identity, five or six that just had a rubber mask….

The best costume was the daughter of the Chinese American family up the street — this year she wore an elaborate feathered masquerade mask, feather things in her pig tails…and other accruements. It was a great mask and I made sure to exclaim quite loudly as soon as I opened the door. She giggled. I told she could have more than one piece and her polite mother and grandmother cringed in the back ground.

The big “oops” of the night was when two visitors came to the door — a young boy dressed a ninja and his mother. She was wearing that trashy pink flouncy material stuff, with purple flounce in her hair. I asked the boy if he was a ninja and while he said yes the woman nodded and smiled. I gave the kid his candy and was about to close the door when I saw she put up a bag. Then I took a closer look — no this was no mother…this was a very chubby preteen girl! Oh good heaven’s, I almost critically ruined her self esteem for years to come! I tried to cover “Oh, I can’t quite tell what your costume is…..” She replied “I’m a singer…” I gave her candy, into her backpack and said “How clever — what singer?” She replied “Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.”

Ha ha. I don’t believe it. I think she just dressed up — which I can’t begrudge her. I did that this past weekend too. Anyway, I never would have asked if I hadn’t been trying to cover.

Still — the old folks are leaving — this is starting to become a neighborhood of young families again. Cool!

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