We did a ton of moving this past weekend — and STILL there was a lot of crap left. Seriously, we tried our best, but was hard because the mother in law wouldn’t let anything go. I told her to try and pick out stuff she knew she wanted as opposed to boxes of old used, stuffed animals. No, keep the stuffed animals! And the old boxes of school shit! Keep it all! Sigh. They were going to have to let most of it go…but she just didn’t want to come to terms with it. She had one more day (yesterday) to move two u-hauls worth of crap that she hadn’t looked at in at least 10 years.

This move should have been going on over the past month, the last year … they should have been going through this as carefully as they were trying to do this weekend. I mean, it’s amazing what we accomplished in two days, with no planning, but if they had a little foresight and less….greed? Then they could have had it all — ironically.

As Tim said “They have so much stuff and yet they are poor.” Truly, it is because of all their stuff that they ARE poor. IT’s sad really. I have never seen someone so ruled by having stuff as that mother is — the father…he was in a losing battle. He could have put his foot down and possibly done something. More packing at least….when he gets overwhelmed he tends to shutdown and can only focus on tiny, little tasks — like dusting out a rug.

I got a few things out…but I had to smuggle, yes smuggle because if she saw you might take something she was all over you like a dog over meat — sick yes…considering it was trash and she hadn’t seen or cared about about it for so long. I got a roll out cookie cutter thing, a silver belt, some micromachine cars, a backpack, a music maker (out of tune), some fleece that Tim ganked to make a dog coat, and … I think that is mostly it. Oh and some children books, and five big framed slate things. A spit in the bucket considering all the stuff they had.

Four floors of shit. Four storage units. They don’t have any place to live right now because they can’t afford a deposit on an apartment. Yet…if you do the math then you could see how if you add the cost of the four storage units up — then they would have rent/deposit for themselves. Nope…instead…they are homeless while their material wealth enjoys the comfort of a home.

Oh, we also ended up with a box — of something that the father in law thought might be china. Everything was in yellowed, shredded and stained newswrap. I brought the box home to look at it, and opened each item over a garabe bin. Mouse poop and shredded paper everywhere. Tim jokingly asked me if I found the dead mouse yet, I replied no, but I was sure to see it soon.

It was there. Petrified at the bottom of the box. It’s home was in a beer stein about half way through.

They didn’t have any help other than their male kids and me. They didn’t ask anyone. They were in denial that it was happening to them. Isn’t it crazy?

I don’t want to be like that. I don’t think I am. I mean, I can let go of things I am not using. If you want it, I got it, and want to use it — go for it. I don’t think I have ever said no….

Gah…so that was most of this past weekend. On Saturday night though, I went out with Hilary for coffee and a pitstop at the inferno. We dressed up as … well dressed up. It was fun. We finished the night with a cup of joe and greasy food at country kitchen.

Friday I made lasagna and invited Sarah and Luke over for dinner. Sarah says she thinks she’ll have the baby this week. Maybe she is right but I think next week. :D

We have another foster dog — for two weeks this time. He’s already adopted….and he peed on the kitchen floor not 20 minutes ago. He had been out only 2.5 hours before that…damnit. He was such a good dog before he did that too.

This week I am focusing on getting a crap load of crafts done. Tim is focusing on several job interviews. Friday is his last day.

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