It’s DH’s last day of work. We are going to the Weary Traveller afterward to drink. Woo hoo! Booze! And it’s SUCH a beautiful day for it too.

Last night I cleaned the gutters. I used the fancy new ladder I finagled out of the storage purgatory and into our garage (you know those ladders that can everything including diapering a newborn?). It only took me about five minutes to figure out how to use it, and then two hours to get the courage to climb up onto the roof by myself. I mean…what would have happened if the ladder got knocked down by a sudden, forceful gust of wind? Or what would have happened if I had gotten blown off the roof? Some serious ouches, that’s what. But sucked it up and did it. Wow — scooping out piles of sludge isn’t my favorite thing in the world to do. However, it’s better than seeing water drain next to the house and seep into the basement.

I even did a little raking.

This afternoon my goal is to start insulating the windows. Just in case those predictions of a %60 increase in energy and heating are true. Saving money doesn’t hurt me in the slightest. I just wish we had some kind of wood burning option — I can just imagine the amount of heat we would save using that as a supplement. Of course, the extra benefit might get eaten up the extra you pay in house insurance. I don’t know what it is because obviously we don’t have a fireplace.

I wish I could clone myself.

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