I am wet after taking a “health walk” with the DH. It’s raining and this is supposed to turn into snow later. Bah, I say. Bah.

We went to Target — and it’s like they KNOW I am going to have a cookie party, if you look at the new items in their dollar bins. They have tons of Hello Kitty stuff, cookie making stuff, Xmas CD’s and …well, I just love those dollar bins a little too much. I refrained from buying lots of stuff though until I can plan a bit better.

This past weekend was the party for Tim — it went really well, with 15 of our closest friends coming — many from out of town! It was really cool to see James, Eric and Kate, Ben and his new girlfriend, Mark and Erica….as well as all the local favorites. We made pulled pork and my god — so delicious. Although after eating it all day the following day tho, I think I can say I have satisifed my craving for the whole year.

This Thursday we are getting up early and heading to Black River Falls to visit my Dad for the day. I haven’t visited really since June, so it’s been quite a while. We might as well take advantage of Tim’s time off to do some visiting.

My Mom sent me the box of things I am going to sell for the craft fair — wow, this things are amazing. I am going to have a really tough time pricing them. I was orginally just going to do a dollar but after getting some imput I might change that. There are many things I need to do — make some cards, make up a display, finish making stuff to sell (when is enough enough?) and what not. I can’t believe it’s only two weekends away…it’s less than two weeks. Gah! I should be more stressed…right?

I have several letters to catch up on too. I need to plastic the windows. Make invitations. Do the dishes. Do some laundry. Catch up with some old friends.

Oh, and did I mention Tim took the consulting job? Yeah, so he gave himself a 15K raise! Wow…quitting his job was the best thing he ever did. He starts his new job on the 28th. IT’s on the East side — so just think of the money we are saving in gas and car maintanence. Last night Tim made curry and it was GOOD!

I think I approve of the new Tim. :D

But seriously, now I should change out of these wet clothes, heat up some leftover curry and lay out the beadwork plans for the next choker. Oh and make some tea…some nice hot sunset tea would be awesome. Maybe light some woodsmoke incense and pretend we have hot, merry fire in the corner. At least it can smell like there is one.

My biggest thought this week is…that I am a busy person. I don’t have quite as much time as I think I have, and I there are more things I would like to do. I think that might be the craft fair talking….then again…it’s like the whole year has been like that.

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