I thought I would give you a little tidbit, just in case you did check this over the long weekend. I mean, for gods sake, what else do you have to do? Sure there is the eating of lots of food, probably a good amount of travel, shopping and watching marathons on cable. Of course you gotta break that up by surfing a little internet and complaining that there is nothing to read. :D

Yeah so. I have a bunch of stuff ready for the craft fair — of course I wish I had double what I have, but there is nothing I can do about it right now. No, what I need to do right now is to put prices on them, and most importantly make a display for them. I saved it for the last minute. Hilary, one of the copartners of this deal, is coming over tonight to help. I hope we can manage to make some thing quite presentable. She is also bringing her camera, so hopefully I’ll be able to share some good pictures so that I can put it here AND on the neglected craft site — Tceku. I did put the url for tceku on the cards I made, should anyone happen to take one.

Right now there are two pies and mini one (made in a leftover potpie dish) in the oven. It smells wonderful. Last night I made two loaves of pumpkin chocolate chip bread…oh it’s moist and wonderful. I don’t think you would be surprised if I told you there was only loaf left today. Although we were not responsible for eating all of it by ourselves. I sent half of it (the smaller one at that) with Sarah and Luke when they came to drop of their dogs. So now we have two small ankle biters roaming the house. One looks like a mini tank and barks for no reason sometimes. The other one looks like a muppet…it just roams around the house picking up dust bunnies. I don’t think either of them are used to such a large space, and they certainly miss their owners. The said owners, are off to be induced today. Well, one of them anyway…so maybe today or tonight we will have a new nephew.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving at our house. First time hosting, first time cooking a turkey. Luckily, I asked my step-dad Frank, who makes the worlds’ finest turkey, for his secret. He sent it on a peice of paper two letters ago from my Mom. His handwriting is very old styled…and I can’t read it. I had to give it to Tim to read — and in a way made him in charge of the turkey. Very sneaky, no?

Gosh….we are adults.

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