It’s the first day you can … okay…we can use Christmas decorations. I busted out a christmas table cloth I got at a garage sale this summer, along with two 12 days of xmas place mats, and a cute snowman creamer/sugar set that I got from my Mom last year. And I put out the Santa soap for the bathroom from last year too — it’ll take a week or two before everything finds it’s place in our home.

Speaking of which, it’s clean and cozy. :D

Today I was busy. I got up, wrote a letter to Jen. Met up with Hilary and got a few things at the grocery story, returned my overdue books and dropped off film at Walgreens. Then we went and had a nice chat over some coffee at the Hippie joint. The funniest moment was when Leta had picked up a large plastic bowl and put it on her head (like a hat) and sat at the little kids picnic table with her juice cups and had a little .. .well juice party. She was sitting there all straight and perfect with a big ‘ol bowl hanging from her head. Oh that was funny!

Then I came home, put the groceries away, laid down for 10 minutes to get warm and then went outside to shovel the driveway. Thankfully someone with too much time and power equipment on their hands plowed the whole block’s side walk — so I only had to do the walkway and driveway. Then I came in, put a pot of water on for my new favorite tea — decaf candy cane lane tea.

I got some stamps in the mail — greyhound stamps…although one of them isnt’ what I ordered. I had ordered the SINGLE greyhound with a snowman, and what I got was a snowman with two hounds. :( Damnit…it isn’t worth sending back to get it corrected…or maybe they ran out? Still, since we only have one hound, I would have preferred that. I guess maybe we’ll get another foster while it’s still winter and then it can be correct. The other one is a kitty and a hound. Cute!

Yesterday I made an adorable little dog coat for Amos — the tinest house guest here. Fobbit (fat hobbit = hoggle) was going to get one today…but I think I might be more interested in making headbands than a coat for him. He has enough fat on him to keep him warm…I haven’t seen him shiver to date. Oh, and yesterday I also made Pluto a belly warmer…it’s perfect! Not that he wants to wear it…but if we needed something a little lighter than a winter coat…he now has it.

Winter with it’s cold and snow makes me awfully sleepy in the afternoon. But when I lay down to take a nap, I can’t sleep. I think it’s just that I am sleepy but not really tired. That doesn’t really make that much sense.

Last night we watched Land of the Dead — that can be pretty much summed in one sentence “Equal rights for zombies!”

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