I have a cold and that kind of sucks. Yesterday it started with a nose thing that I thought would go a way — it hasn’t. IT turned into a real cold today. I took some day medicine and that just makes you sleepy — but not enough to sleep. I am looking forward to taking some night time medicine and going to bed. I think I’ll feel a ton better tomorrow. I did use this as an excuse to get out of yoga tonight though. :D

Last Friday I tested for my brown belt and passed! Horray. I am high ranking belt. Only Red, Half-Black and then finally Black to go. But…*said in solemn voice* it is about the journey, not the end result. Although knowing I can kick some ass is pretty cool.

New Zeland was baptized on Sunday. The church was way the heck out in Fitchburg and the service was “alternative.” In other words, there was a band and all the songs were karoke. Tim’s Dad (also named Tim) performed the ceremony. Sheesh, that dude does everything! He married Tim and I, Sarah and Luke, Candy and Phil…and I believe he baptized his own kids and now he’s doing grandkids?! Dang. There was a wonderful little get together at Sarah’s house afterward and I learned my lesson to never say anything that might get reported wrong in front of the MIL.

Well, Tim is finally off the phone and he mentioned something about some video game playing tonight to “wind down.” I am drinking some sleepy time extra tea — hopefully that will wind me down faster. Real sleep and not dozy sleep would be nice.

I made Hoggle (the fat hobbit dog) a coat today…it was hard because he is really rotund with short legs and a neck the size of Vancouver. Tomorrow I am going to cut the end tippy thing off because it keeps looking cockeyed. Round it out. I am also going to whip me up a fleece hat. It can’t be that hard…as long as it stays on my head then it works, right? Who care what it looks like. My sewing machine has gotten a lot of use lately. I am trying to think of other things I want to make — even though everything I make has to be done over three times. :( But seriously, what did I expect? That I would be able to sew with absolutely no previous knowledge and expertise? That I would get everything right on the first try? HA!

It’s really damn cold outside. Brrr.

I am also feeling peckish — like gooey sweets would be good. Feed a cold — starve a fever, right? Too bad there is nothing good (read easy) in the house to eat. Not even stupid bread — then I could make cinnamon toast, or least have some with jam.

There is only my pig intestine soy milk left. Kandi – sister in law and 9th level Vegan, said over Thanksgiving that 8th Continent soy milk used pig intestines for some reason. I have not yet researched this to see if she is on crack or not…but every time I pour it in my cereal or coffee I think “Soy milk strained through Pig Intenstines,” or the simplier “pig intestined milk.” Yes, I always have to say pig….and intestine. They go together. I should research that….the soy milk is 50 cents cheaper and always on the shelf.

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