It was a “rich” weekend and the scale this morning agreed with me. :(

Friday night, Tim and I met up with our after work beer crew — Oliver and Shane for dinner at the Flatiron. Now if you read that with a fancy french accent, “Le Fla-ti-ron” you pronounced like I have for the past year. The real pronounciation however is Flat Iron. Although if that was the case then why the heck didn’t they make it two words?

Anyway, it looked like a cozy, european style resturant — and it was! Complete with the draftiness. The food was typically american though, and ok. Although our appetizer — the goat cheese on bread thing was AWESOME! In any case, it was really nice to hang out with Oliver and Shane for dinner AND drinks as opposed to just drinks (although both are fun).

After dinner I headed home to get some busy work and then set off to Hilary’s where I would spend the next several hours writing cards and letters and watching TV. I watched Malcom in the Middle (wow, it’s still on!), and Law and Order (I think it’s criminal intent — it has that weird cop with the pinched woman for a partner?). It’s so easy to babysit when kids are already sleeping, seriously. I also get the added benefit of doing something nice for someone while doing the exact same thing I would have done at home (read — sitting on couch watching crappy tv).

Saturday we were going to see Chronicles of Narnia — however that didn’t happen. Tim had taken the opportunity of my being away to tie one off and play Mechwarrior late into the night. That means on Saturday morning someone wasn’t feeling his very best. I made two breakfasts, cleaned up a bit, slept in really late, and then later went shopping. I got some great stuff at JC Penny for only 15 dollars! I totally want to do more shopping — but Tim doesn’t like to shop and I don’t have a car.

No lectures on getting driver’s license please – the problem would remain that I don’t have a car during the day because Tim takes it to get to work to begin with.

I am thinking of just taking the bus to the Mall today so that I can spend more time looking at the deparment stores and the outer ring of shops. There are SO many sales going on..the sales that used to go on after Xmas are now during Xmas.

So after the little bit of shopping we drove way out to the west side to meet up with a bunch of folks to surprise our friend Kathleen with a party at this fancy pants Wine place called Eno Vino. The party was nice — but really the food wasn’t that great and it was expensive. We had too much cheese too — I didn’t think it was possible to over do it on cheese either.

Then we went home, played some Champions of Norath and then went to bed.

Sunday morning I woke up early and stayed awake because I was excited. I eventually got up when the dogs did, and started cleaning up around the house. I had already put the Christmas decorations up on Friday night, and since Jen is allergic to cats I saved the cleaning for Sunday morning. I swept, vacuumed and mopped (boy did the floors need that!) and baked some sugar cookies and the saltine toffees. I was all ready for the ladies to show up at 12 – -which they did and after noon of baking and chatting began. I ordered pizza at 1:00 from Glass Nickle and …well it was just a really good time. It’s not often as a host that you get to really enjoy the party with the guests. It was really awesome to see Lowen show up (with a great molasses cookie recipe), and Jen with Nate (who is looking very much like a baby now and not an infant), Sarah, Liama, Heather (who took pictures and I am not depending on for reprints), and Hilary.

What it was all said and done, I had a variety of cookies — although I looked at them this morning and realized — these really are mostly “brown” cookies. By that I mean, gingerbread, molasses, chocolate, spice kind of cookies. Which are good, but strong in flavor and not to everyone’s palates. SO…I know how to fix it. This afternoon I am going to bake up some russian tea cakes, short bread cookies and more saltine toffees, and the rest of the sugar cookie dough and then I’ll have enough filler to make at least 8 plates of cookies for family and friends. I want to do it now while I have that great varity of cookies on my table and not in my tummy.

I highly recommend a cookie swap party to anyone who wants a bunch of different cookies and an afternoon with friends.

After the cookie swap, I finished cleaning up (surprisingly fast) and had a glass of wine. Tim showed up after awhile and we watched Sahara. Rather, I tried to watch it, but I got bored and decided to go to bed. I told Tim to tell me if they ever found the damned boat though. Apparently they did in the end — but then blew it up. How typical.

So, now I have no other plans for the rest of this month besides: a very special christmas at home with the DH, Xmas the day after in Milwaukee, and a new year’s eve party. I am a little bummed — isn’t every single one of my weekends supposed to be jam packed with family/friend celebrating?

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