Today feels like Friday. I guess the specialness of the snow storm translates to Friday — that and I shopped. This time I did some State Street shopping. Yesterday, after meeting the infamous Dr V with Hilary I did some Willie Street shopping. Tomorrow, I plan on doing some East Town shopping.

They say that shopping is supposed to help your mood. So far I would say that I am enjoying myself.

Tim came home with: flowers, wine, edame, sushi and fancy dessert. Why? Because apparently it was “Darling Appreciation Day.”

For me. I am that darling. Horray! Flowers — they smell like summer. I wish summer was here instead of all this wretched snow. I was happy to see that the neighbor had snowblowed our driveway, walkway and side walk when I came home. How awesome is that? That means they are definitely getting a cookie tray next week. :D

Eric/Kate — when are you leaving town? I gotta send you something…I hope it gets there on time. And James, what is your address?

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