TGIF baby! Today I actually thought it and was relieved. Whew…the week is done. Horray for weekends! Two days off to … ugh. Let’s not think about it. I like Friday night’s because it feels like I have endless amounts of time to do whatever I want. Ahh.

So…what have I done since I’ve gotten off work? I ran some errands, stopped at the grocery store and got some fixings for cookie plates — the neighbors definitely get cookies — how else can I keep up their unsoliticated blowing of snow off our sidewalk and driveway? ;)

We got three cards in the mail today — one of them from my old penpal that I had written off (hehe…get it? Pun? Written off…ha ha LOL). Okay, okay — get a grip people it was funny but not THAT funny.

Anyway, I hadn’t heard from her in ages even though I sent a card or two and an email. Nothing…but now I have an address. I’ll send her a card, and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I am excited to find out what happened to her. The last time she had written she was on the edge of a life change…I like finding how those work out. I think if she contacted me then it must have settled down a bit.

What else? There are too many dogs here. I think if Christmas goes the way I think I will, then Tim will have tried my patience for dogs for a good long while. To the point where I am going to put my foot down and say “no more.” At least for awhile.

I personally think it’s ridiculous to have 10 or more dogs in a packed house for things like big family get togethers. You can’t have a dicussion, listen to what anyone is saying to even walk from point A to point B without having to navigate 2308947203497 dogs. Not a minute goes by where you won’t hear “DOG! NO!!!!” Or “So and so is peeing,” and back to more “DOG…what did I tell you? NO!” and “When did they last go out?” Gah! It’s enough to drive me crazy. Even Pluto with his couch hogging pisses me off and he’s my dog! Then you can’t eat without 928347923847239 dog eyes looking at you for food, nosing up to the table, peeing on legs, getting into shit, chasing cats and whining.

I think when it comes down to it…I am not a fanatical dog lover. I like dogs. I enjoy having Pluto in my life — but my life does not revolve him or his four-legged canine friends. And yeah, I do admit there is a little cute, chaotic factor into this charade…however it only lasts for 5 minutes, and that decreases with each year.

And now to go make some peanut butter hugs and listen to some christmas music (private collection).

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