Work? What? Huh? It’s been that kind of day at “Work.” Lots of story telling — and I got two gifts! One is a basket with a margarita, home made salsa, a little bag of nacho chips, chocolate, coffee and a small bottle of wine. My coworker called the Happy Hour Basket. Cool! Then the head cheese came in and gave me a decorative frame. Now I just gotta get around to putting pictures in them. I would like to get into that more — except I feel so narcissistic when I only put pictures of Tim and I in them.

It’s been a good day. Oh and a big tin of popcorn came in too. So, even better — and my lunch was an egg salad sandwich. I really like those — and it’s such a treat when I get them. By the way, here is how you are supposed to boil eggs.

Method 1: Put cold eggs in water and bring to rolling boil. Turn off and let sit in hot water for 20 min.

Method 2: Put eggs in water and bring to boil — boil for 8-10 minutes.

Apparently the 3 minute egg is for those soft boiled eggs that you put in little egg cups. I have decided I need to put that on my garage sale list of things to look for next year after: sifter and double boiler.

This past weekend Tim and I got recreational hockey skates and took ourselves out to the Vilas lagoon. Vilas and Elver are the only two ice rinks open right now. Since it opened Friday, we have gone ice skating 3 times. I think I like ice skating the best of all the platforms. If I had to rank them: ice skating, roller blading and then quad skating. It’s looking like a winter of ice skating — anyone that wants to join in should let us know. I’ll tell when we go if you want some company.

Bekah and Greg are in town to help SIL Sarah with the baby while she works again (and for the holidays). We saw them only on Sunday when we dropped off the ankle biters. I hope we get together sometime before the Boxing Day celebration next Monday.

I skipped my last yoga class and hung out with Liama instead on Monday. Her basement is the coziest damn thing ever! I can’t wait until she starts craft night at Laima’s.

I did a lot of shopping this past week and got plenty of stuff for friends and family — and a good chunk of stuff for myself. Namely clothes. IT’s been forever since I’ve had decent clothes — I got: two new skirts, one pair of pants, four shirts and three pairs of tights. I have totally had interest in getting dressed again and have renewed that common vow of “trying to look better than a dumpy housewife.”

I finished all my mail type stuff yesterday – man that took all day. So there are a few surprises going out there but mostly just cards. I am terribly inconsistent when it comes to gift giving every year. It flexes — like with birthday’s. Sometimes I remember and do something, other times I remember and decide I don’t want to do anything half assed — and so I wait. I wait until something good comes along. After all, I don’t want to celebrate the life of a friend on one day, but rather any day. Because isn’t every day that they around a good one?

My friend Hilary needs some cheering up. Anyone have any ideas?

I am going to make a goal of writing something every day for a week on here. So be prepared!

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