Oh please *rolls eyes* — perhaps it was everyday except Thursday. Please note however, that I did try to post something last night, but the resident troll was well established in his spot and hollered at me for even THINKING about wanting to use the computer. Then I said “FINE! I’m going to bed.” And he gurgled back (my amazing troll decipering) “GOOD! You have been annoying me anyway!”

So I went to the john, read an article, took out my eyes and then headed to bed. At which point the Troll turned into my darling and he said “I’m sorry, you can have the computer now.” And now I was a little goblinly and replied “No, I don’t want it. I am going to bed.”

Thus, no Thursday post. But I can post TWICE today. That will make up for it, right? As long as there are 7 posts in a weeks time then I am good.

Yesterday I spent most of the day baking, decorating cookies and making gift tins/plastic containers for friends and family. I also paid some bills and chatted a bit with Karen and Hilary. However, I had a headache leftover from the night before that I couldn’t shake. I had taken some excedrine in the am — but by noon it was gone. THen I shook it up a bit and took some Ibuprophen and that worked wonders! It’s still gone!

I didn’t have the usual coffee with Hilary because Leta needed to go to the doctor. Instead I took a shower and got dressed. My Mom called me at one point to tell me that she got the package I had sent even though it had the WRONG ZIP CODE! Gah. She went on and on about how wonderful I was and how clever the things were (they were just books, stickers, coloring books…etc — all grown up stuff though). I asked her why she didn’t wait until Christmas to open it, and she said “Oh Frank opened it, I didn’t.”

“Why did he do that?” I asked.
“Because he wanted to know what was inside,” she replied.
“But I told you what it was!” I stated.
“No, you just said paper stuff,” she defended.
“Yeah! And is there anything in that box that isn’t paper? And is there anything in that box that doesn’t have anything to do with paper?” Pause.

“Well, no, I guess not!” she agreed. “I guess I didn’t get your clues.”


Then at 4:00 we went skating at Vilas Park and met up with Jeremy — Tim’s excoworker and skating buddy. He’s really good! I mean really. We gave him a cool whip container with cookies. I think they are rather cute and kind of regret not indulging in cool whip every month for the past year so that I could have more.

After a nice little workout, we came home and there was a message from Janet saying to call her back. I called back and she said that taekwondo classes were cancelled for that night. I told it was okay because I wasn’t going to go, I was just going to drop off some cookies and a xmas card. She said that was sweet. :D

I didn’t get to buying Tim’s gift after that because we had to drive downtown to meet up with ANOTHER old coworker of Tim’s and have dinner at Frida’s. It was my idea to go there — and I kind of was disappointed with it the second time around. Nothing was the same…the magic was gone! It became boring old mexican fare again. But we did have a good time with Sameer and his friend from CA who is helping him drive there on Sunday or Monday. What we should have done was gone to the Essen Haus because it’s where we all met and really got to know each other. I gave him a cool whip container with a potato salad lid — but it fit! And he liked it. I wonder what he will think of american xmas cookies — probably too sweet.

So that was last night/yesterday. It was a good day. :D

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