Damnit. It’s almost 7 and Tim still isn’t home yet. He was going to do some shopping after work. But you know what that means…that means he is going to get home in a crappy mood and not want to do anything.

I wanted to go and get his stupid gift, and then drop off cookies at Sarah and Lukes and maybe visit for awhile. This is one of those special “gifts” of marriage — the one where you know exactly what is going to happen.

I can’t say I am fan of it. Usually because when I foresee the future in situations like these, they turn out to be exactly correct and I am mad. So, if you think about it, because I can see how it’s all going to play out and am getting miffed about it right now — that means EXTRA angry/disappointed/miffed time on top of having it actually happen!

Plus, we have pretty much no food in this house, so if we don’t decide what we are going to eat for Christmas — we are going to be eating nuthing. Well, maybe that package of ramen. But if you know me, then you know I hate ramen. That means that I have to go to Woodmans though. But before I can even think about that, I’ll need a list because if I don’t have a list and an overtired, grumpy darling DOES decide he wants to do something other than warm this computer seat — then I’ll catch hell for it by not being prepared. Okay, maybe now I want a stupid license — but only for tonight.

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