Wow, was that a cheap move or what?!

Yesterday was great! It was like perfect day. We got up, made some cinnamon rolls and coffee — took turns opening our presents, and then played with them. We played Star Wars until we pretty much beat it. Then moved into Champions and tried that — I suggested difficult .. and man was it difficult. We weren’t getting anywhere fast, so we started over.

Then there was the long nap. Making Christmas dinner — that we ate by candlelight (okay and overhead light) in the kitchen with medieval type music playing in the background. I felt like a queen! The cornish hen was perfect, it was so tender it fell off the bones…the stuffed tomatos however had too much basil in them. We didn’t actually get to try the sweet potato casserole because we decided to have it be our item to bring today to celebrate boxing day in Milwaukee.

Speaking of which I need to finish wrapping the presents for that.

So, DH was great — I got the 3rd Lord of the Rings DVD, the new George RR Martin book, a CD: Franz Fernindad, a circular paper cutter, two medium size stamps (cat and butterfly), two video games and the best one….the seven piece stainless steel set of pots and pans! Oh they are SO shiny! I have grown to hate teflon over the past two years.

After dinner we played Runebound: The Isle of Dread (one of DH’s presents) until 1:00 in the AM and then went to bed.

Alright, I should go and get ready and finish doing the things I need to be doing: wrap presents, arrange cookies on a cookie tray, maybe take a shower, definitely get dressed and make Tim try on the pair of pants I bought him.

ON a side note…I am going to be doing some serious workouts after tonight.

Oh and James…when are you replacing your website with a site that works?

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