It hasn’t been that long since I have posted. ;P


This weekend I am going to Minneapolis to visit my friend Xtian. A drive all the way from Chicago to Minneapolis…can it be done on only 8 mix cd’s without resorting to the radio? Who can say. I should really get my license so I can help out with the drive, but I will have you know that being a great sidekick is not as easy as it looks. As petty as it sounds, I even know what I am going to wear, too bad I didn’t have any hair pieces made to go with it.

Sunday morning, we drive over to Menomonie so I may witness my brother accomplish the impossible. Then I am taking who ever wants to go, out to dinner to celebrate and then look up some old friends. No doubt I will disappointed by this entire day, but that just the optimism in me speaking.

Monday a drive back. I think I might invest in some of that motion sick drug…dremel? So that I can do some beadwork, which means I need to decide on the color and design, and make the leather part beforehand.

Tuesday, a fantastically fun filled, super duper, doctor approved day at Great America!

Wednesday back to the salt mines.

I will have a detailed report when I come back.

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