Things I would like to do today:

1. Put all laundry away.
2. Organize clothes that I don’t want anymore, into a pile so that I can practice sewing/tailer to try and make into something I DO want.
3. Make the bed.
4. Wipe the bathroom counter.
5. Possibly get dressed.
6. Brush my hair.
7. Update blogger.
8. Check out my other internet haunts.
9. Reply to any emails.
10. Send a birthday card to Callie.
11. Find the freebee promotional calendars that I got from work two months ago for 2006.
12. Send a thank you card for my wireless remote control for the PS2 I got from brother in law Mark.
13. Make a leftover Boxing Day ham sandwich for lunch.
14. Maybe get together with Hilary.
15. Think about getting coffee, cereal and fruit from Woodmans.
16. Vacuum the living room floor.17. Consider sweeping the kitchen floor.
18. Work on my puzzle a bit.
19. Put games we never ended up playing yesterday away.
20. Start a letter to someone — probably Gale. I haven’t heard from her in almost 6 months– always a sign in penpalworld that something has happened.
21. Do the dishes.
22. Write in my paper journal all those deep dark thoughts I don’t want anyone to know I have.
23. Water the plants.

I had a dream last night I was in Japan vising Laima and Oliver. They both told me that when I registered with a hotel that I would need to provide the name of my husband — otherwise they wouldn’t accept me. I was excited to be there and eager to explore — all the japanese I saw moved slowly and wore outrageous clothing.

–EDIT—Updated at 11:04

Bonus items:

1. Put toliet paper away.
2. Put on make up!
3. Cleaned up makeup drawer.
4. Picked up garbage laying around on surfaces.

—Final Update for the day: 7:40 PM —–

5. Took the dog for a walk.
6. Found all the George RR Martin books so I can read them over before reading my new book — this is big. I have only ever reread one book in my life — the Secret of Nimh. Also, I have two copies of Clash of Kings — I can only assume that Sarah gave me Dave’s extra…did you?
7. Made dinner – chips and salsa, sausage and a baked potato.
8. Took a nap.
9. Washed that make up off my face and put my glasses back on — the nap made my contacts gummy.
10. Checked the mail and read two letters and a card.
11. Vacuumed the office.
12. Put my puzzle away for now — I didn’t want the card table where it was anymore.
13. Played Caleb’s Christmas present for awhile.
14. Picked up all the mail tidbits and paper things and put them on my desk.
15. Cleaned off Tim’s desk.

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