I am the only one here today. I think. I mean it’s one hour into it and I am fairly certain that trend is going to continue all day. Actually, I might be wrong — I think the head honcho might come in today, but she usually comes in later, that still means I got about an hour.

Not that I need the hour to do anything mind you, no one is posting anything juicy — with a few exceptions. I remember that I had this kind of time at Northwestern. Man did I write there — I did all kinds of things, that was awesome. It’s amazing how much more you write when you are at work then when you are left to your own devices.

I am eating popcorn. You know from those big tins? I don’t know why they even put butter flavor in there — no one ever eats it. Everyone knows the best one is the caramel, followed by the cheese. My Mom used to get one every year when I was kid. We always ate the whole thing. Now if I get one, it rots and becomes one big pile of mixed soggy corn that gets regulated into the basement until I have the gumption to clean it out and recyle the tin.

Okay, what is the fourth day of Christmas? One beer, two turtlenecks, three french toast….what is the fourth? Jessie? I *know* you know it. Spill it.

So I started rereading A Game of Thrones — and this whole rereading thing isn’t bad at all! I don’t remember everything like I thought I would. I mean, the story is still good and when I get to pivotal points I vaguely remember something that is about to happen. It’s cool! Of course, it has also been like four years since I last read it.

Since I cleaned the whole freaking house yesterday, it was nice to retire to the bed to read and drink a glass of wine. I even got the old man radio and plugged it in, turning it to a classical station. Just like in high school! I used to have the radio on as background noise 24/7. I couldn’t sleep, read or stare into space without it. It was a little static-y but I fixed that with a piece of tinfoil. In fact, I didn’t stop listening to the radio to sleep until I met Tim. He couldn’t stand to have noise — that took some adjusting too. But now, I need absolute silence to sleep, so much so that I have to wear earplugs if the dog is breathing too loud. The reason I started wearing them was because Tim snored, but that has really been reduced since he lost weight, started working out, quit smoking and quite drinking.

But habits are hard to break.

I am also listening to my new Franz Fernidad CD at work. It’s quite good, I am on my second round right now. Track 5: Auf Achse is my favorite right now.

I kind of wish I was in europe or travelling right now. After April when Bekah and Greg go back, we will have room and board for France visiting, if we wish. We will go — I mean, I never pass up an offer of free room and board.

—- Dang — she who shall not be named has arrived and said that the head honcho is coming in today. I guess that was the end of that bubble. And since she has made herself known she has come three times — each time asking if I know how to tap into my coworkers computer or open mail, etc and bemoaning the possiblity of a missed opportunity. Well damn, that is what you get for asking somone else to do a mass email that you don’t want to do. HA!

Anyway, I guess I don’t really have a too lot to say. That didn’t stop me from writing a bunch of crap though.

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