I’m tired. I need to take a nap before we dazzle at our appointed parties tonight. I tried looking for new shoes again today but everything has been picked through. When are the stores going to replenish their stock? Is this really going to require me taking a trip to Chicago just to buy new shoes?

I’m getting a camera for my birthday. Now normally, I don’t want anything for that particular event. Why should anyone but myself or my mother care about when I was born? However, I find it’s a convenient excuse to get something I have wanted for some time.

Last night the DH and I went on a impromptu dinner date at TGIF — we used a gift card that he got for Christmas from work, so our steak dinners, complete with coffee and dessert was 50% off! What a deal! Then we came home and spent some quality time together playing Baldur’s Gate — I have been saying it wrong. This is Baldur’s Gate NOT Champions of Norath. Though, if you play either game you know how similiar they are.

Today I have spent most of the day reading. I wish I had a direwolf, but I guess Pluto will just have to do.

Okay. Gotta sneak in a real nap before I have to get ready.

Happy New Year everyone!

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