James — get a new site again already.

In fact, anyone else who reads Wazika on a regular basis — tell me if you have a site so that I can link it and check it out every day. That would be awesome.

Today I am going to find me some full spectrum/UV lights, and some eye juice. I fancy, I’ll just bundle up an walk across the field to Ace Hardware and Walgreen’s to find these items. I thought about stopping at the library — but I owe’s them money and I don’t need any books. I have my books that I am reading right now. Good stuff…yeah.

Last night I had coffee with Hilary at Michelangelo’s…I took a word seek along with me and it was the perfect thing to do to have an easy conversatation. I think that should be done more often.

Maybe I should resolve to look better? To dress up more? Hm. Something to consider. I like to think I might just rip off Hilary’s idea and just “make” something every week — and if I get that camera I have been itchin’ for, then it will be fun! OH and the pictures I am going to take. I cannot freakin wait!


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