I’d like to bring your attention to the left side bar — there are two new journals you should check out: Laima and Heather.

Unfortunately, I had to take away James (aka Englishman) because he has refused to start a new blog (or at least one I know about). Man. Think of the children James! The wee little kids. Oh they now cry themselves to sleep at night.

Okay…quick recap of the past week: craft night at Laima’s on Friday with the illustrious Hildog and mulled wine. Saturday night I met up with my English Professing friend Roberta for chicago style blues at the Harmony Bar and Grill (a sold out show I might add). Sunday, Tim and I played Star Wars Battle Front II — yes you read that right. TWO! Ha ha suckers! I forwent new shoes in favor of a very fun video game. Now how’s that for dorky?

This week I am very thankful I have a part time. The little bit that I do work has been overwhelmingly busy. Okay. Now that I have done my part and told you bits of my life, and censured and boring — I am going to now go and play more vids — at least one battle before bedtime.

I hope I sleep well. Last night I had a horrible knot in my back (off and on all weekend) that not even Tim’s Christmas present (the Wonder Log) could fix. In the end I had to take a pain killer. Subsequently, I had a rotten night’s sleep.

There is supposed to be sun tomorrow. Sweet glorious sun.

Oh and I saw that the Field Museum in Chicago has a display about Pompeii — that means I MUST be in Chicago before the end of March. I must see it. With my own two eyes this sight must be saw. That said, what weekend in February works best for a certain Kate or Eric?

The last tidbit — and the best one of all — Tim finally conquered that fear and went aggressive skating at the indoor skate park, here in Madison. Eric would love it. It’s big, lots of shit to do. Big. Tim rolled back and forth — but to a complete newbie I guess that is hard. ;) He was certainly all sweaty at the end. I just kinda wish there was someone to show him a thing or two (in a nice way).

Should I do something for my birthday? Post yes for yes, and no for no.

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