It’s been a good day. Sunshine for another day — two days in a row now. Amazing what an effect it has. I wish I could bottle it up….like in Lord of the Rings — the sun is my most beloved star. ;)

This morning just as I was thinking about cleaning up the bathroom counter and washing the toothpaste scheear off the mirror I get a phone call. It’s from brother in law Ben! He is town for two interviews, one of which he had just finished. He said he called his other sibling and got the voice mail. So I said “let’s go do coffee or something,” and he said “Is Tim free to do lunch or something?” and I said “I’ll email him and see.”

He said he would arrive in 10 minutes or so. I emailed Tim and tried to do a “little” cleaning up. The living room was already looking good, and the kitchen and office for that matter. The only room that really needed some surface cleaning was the bathroom. The counter had a layer of dust/water/goo that just accumulates over time. However I had that easily covered by saying I needed to take a shower. A statement couldn’t have been more truer. I went sparring last night and so I knew there was at least one layer of sweat on me that could be rinsed away.

He arrived. Pluto was happy to see him and after getting a few pets and sniffed went to finish the rest of his food. Huh? Damn dog. What am *I* chopped liver? Man. I took a great sunshined filled shower and got dressed. During that Ben got another phone call. Turns out a few of the folks he works with were all down here for the same interviews (apparently there were multiple openings). So he said he would have lunch with them and I, and we all eventually decided on Monty’s Blue Plate. I emailed Tim (since he hadn’t emailed me back) and said it was too late. We were moving on.

Tim said “Well, if I had known then I would have gone into work earlier.”
“Yeah, but none of you ever give each other notice.”
“That’s what we are all like though!” he replied with pride.
“That isn’t something I would be very proud of,” I shot back.

Anyway. So off to Monty’s we went. I had a pulled BBQ sammich. It was good. Ben and his two other coworkers talked about the interviews….and then it was done. Ben and I then went over to Sarah’s to visit for awhile. I held the nephew and he screamed for the whole time. Ha ha. It’s a good thing I am used to screaming, but I felt kind of bad for him. In truth, I think he just wanted to be in his swinging/cradle thing. He seemed most spacey there.

So we visited. We talked about money, cars, apartments, nephew, tea and work. Not that great come to think of it. Then I came home and took some asprin. I had been battleing a headache all day. It’s gone now. Thank goodness. I hate them.

I have been procrastinating putting together the beaded jewelry in a bod that my step mother made for the craft show and sending it back to her. Sometimes these trips to the post office…I can’t stand them. It’s impossible. I think it has to do with me walking or riding bike there. If I had a ride then it isn’t a problem. I was thinking of skipping taekwondo and going there and then to woodmans’ to get some frozen pizza. Hm.

Sometimes there are just certain tasks that take me forever to do. I’ll put them off until the end of time if I could.

Wait, I should be free writing like this in a letter. That way I can accomplish more than a fuzzy warm feeling for writing down my day. Yeah. Um. Yeah. If you ever wanted to know what my letters were like — it’s like 10 pages of this. Makes you think twice about becoming my penpal, doesn’t it?

Okay. Scrabble night tonight.

Oh and I am thinking of … drinks at the Come Back In — specifically BOOTS at the come back inn for my birthday. I think that might be a nice way to hang out.

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