Two things today:

I was on the bus sitting by the window and reading my book. There is a small amount of time that I can read before I get motion sick. About 10 minutes into the ride and three more minutes before I reached my limit, a person sat next to me. It felt like the presence of a man, but when I glanced out of the corner of my eye I saw a quilted cozy covering a romantic paperback novel. Last I checked, no respectable man — no matter how in touch with their feminine side — would use a purple, quilted, book cozy.

So we ride along. I don’t bother looking at the woman and she returns the favor. Soon we were coming to our destination. At exactly one stop before mine, I put my book away, put on my gloves and waited a moment. I personally dislike it when folks, 2-3 stops before their destination get all huffy and important — you know that whole “Excuse me, this is MY stop.” Then they go and stand in the aisle, wobbling back and forth peer out the window anxiously until the bus stops. I made a decision long ago to never do that (unless it’s a really crowded bus or train). The bus I was on, was not crowded. Well, my stop comes and I stand up immediately all ready to depart except the woman sitting next to me wasn’t. She looked at me aghast, then to her lap, to her book and then back at me. I stood there politely waiting until she decided to get herself together and move it. It took a long time. People left the bus, and by the time this monolith shifted sideways — the bus has started moving. I quickly went to the front and said “Sir, can you please stop so I can get off.” He gave me a slightly dirty look, but I let it go. After all, it wasn’t my fault that I was a little late getting off.

I stepped of the bus, shouldered my bag and started walking. I glanced at the window and there woman sat! She was now near the window and she waggling her nose at me! Shaking her head back and forth and silently telling me off.

I laughed.

For god’s sake woman, it’s a bus. People get off of it. If you sit in an aisle you should be prepared to move. Everyone else I have ridden with the past couple of months all take my cues just fine and are ready.

The second thing — the other night I was really proud of myself. I did a real leftover trick. On Tuesday we had holuski (cabbage, onion, butter and noodles). On Wednesday I cooked up a keilbasa, added a large can of diced tomato and a can of kidneys, with a healthy squirt of hot sauce and three shakes of chili pepper. Tada! A whole new meal. It’s something Hilary does so well — I just had to mention it. It was the first time I have ever done something like that. Usually I just eat the leftovers … as leftovers — not transform them into something new.

No, make that three — last night I had the best time playing scrabble and arm wrestling! Yahoo!

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