I was at the Inferno this past weekend talking with Kathleen about my idea of making a list of socially unacceptable things to do — that people do. Or pretend to do, to be socially accepted.

For example. You are at home alone eating some candy. Part of it falls on the ground…what do you do? Pick up, inspect to make sure nothing gross stuck to it and if it is all clear — eat it. OR do you immediately throw it away.

Now, I would eat it, often time without looking at it….but that’s just me. If I had company over, or was in public I would throw it away without hesitation, and walk away with only slight regret.

You see? Other things I pretend to do everyday, that I have thought of:

-> Brushing my teeth twice a day, or even once. Okay, so I don’t always do it. Yet, when I am around folks I have to pretend that it is something that I do everyday (and floss) and that people who don’t are imbeciles.

–> Showering. Even though I only shower maybe every other day (or three) I pretend that I am always just fresh from a shower. I think Americans are a little to hyped up on cleanliness and not godliness.

-> Sitting on a public toilet — most women will pretend they don’t.
-> Popping zits.
-> Eating more than one or two cookies instead of like 8.
-> Wearing the same clothes over and over without washing in between (it’s my theory that unless it stinks or shows dirt then it’s fine).
-> That I always cover my food when I put it in the microwave (I am getting better at this one).
-> Make my bed everyday.
-> Shave my legs everyday.

Well, you get my drift. Now that I have this thought process in my head, I have been adding one or two everyday. Trying to be aware of things I do because it’s the social norm.


I got new shoes this weekend, actually a pair of new shoes AND boots. They both need to be worked in a bit — they were on some serious sale, but I like them. I also got Tim to buy a new, more casual pair of shoes. He accused me of trying to make his dress like Eric. Pft.

We watched Mr and Mrs Smith — and got bored half way through. But we finished it. I also saw The Prince Cat Returns, anime. It was a cute little story. Now I have LadyHawke to see.

I have today off — I just ate my interesting darling concoction for lunch and even did a load of laundry that needs to be put into the dryer. I think I am then going to vacuum and make my bed! Horray. Then read, and take it easy. After all, it’s a day off. Even though I don’ work tomorrow either — that isn’t quite a day off.

I am in the mood for coffee! I wish I had someone to go with.

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