Last night before bed, I felt a mite snuffly. This morning I woke up parched, or at least it felt like it. Now as the day progresses, I am feeling stuffed, tired, hungry and dazed. Damnit all, I have a cold. Well, I drank some green mixed with herbal tea this morning. Now I have moved onto a sleepytime/chamomile mix, with honey. I also took a small dose of dayquil in the hopes that I can relax or at least not feel so crummy.

*cry* I hate getting sick.

In any case, I made sure to wash my hands a lot…and I gotta remember to brush my teeth frequently. It works in making the sick go away faster, it seems. Its probably all just in my head though.

I got a new gig! Yeah, it started today, I baby sit (and I can really say baby, because he’s only 2 mo old) my new nephew on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. He was pretty good for the most part today, until he started crying. But after 15-20 minutes we worked that out and then Sarah came home. It’s only for 2.5 hours in the AM…..that time doesn’t even equal to the time I spend on the internet!

The mail is here. I am gonna go and see if there is anything good in it.

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