I just cut the tip of left index finger. I don’t know how it happened. Hm. It’s still bleeding so it must have been fairly recent.

Today is my birthday. Hm. So far it’s been a pretty good. My big birthday present is going to translate into an even bigger present for you! Yes, check back later … probably by tomorrow.

But since I know you need something more to live on than a promise I’ll write some more. It’s been a really good. I think I offically started my birthday on Friday. I went to the Essen Haus for Boots following a nice coffee get together with Sigrid at the Expresso Royale. God, I haven’t been there for years! It was my favorite coffee house back in college. Anyway. So I drank too many Boots (or helped drink) and therefore I am completely surprised I remember ANY of Battlestar Gallatica that night. Heh. I had fun, but the next day I had social regret. You know when you feel like you opened your mouth too loudly and too frequently?

Yeah. So I am sick of social regret. I decided my birthday present to myself is going to be — no more social regret. What does that mean? No more getting drunk. I’m done with it.

Saturday we got up and drove to Geneva to pick up a dog. We didn’t walk any because of Tim’s sprained/possibly broken, but more probably sprained hand. He did it last Thursday — and yesterday jumped through a thousand hoops to drive to Cambridge WI to get a doctor to look at it. UGH! I hate health care.

So we picked up the dog and came back. The dog was a whiner. But that’s okay because we were Jack Sitting and Jack kept going to say hello to her. Thankfully we only had her for an hour or two before the foster family came to pick her up. We still have fleas — and therefore no fostering is still in effect.

That night, I met with Hilary and we had dinner at the Brass Ring (after checking out and driving through several other loaded parking lots). Following that, we picked up Sigrid and headed to the Inferno. Lots of people kept saying Happy Birthday to me. I was surprised and said thanks. Later I found out that Sigrid emailed a bunch of people telling to come because it was my birthday. *Blush* What a night to quit getting drunk — I got lots of free offers of drinks. I happily accepted many diet cokes, one cider and a shot. It was to wake up the next day without feeling like an ass.

Sunday I pretty much watched movies: Goonies, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Ladyhawke. Then Tim and I played Starwars and then went to bed to eat.

Yesterday I worked at my new volunteer gig — babysitting my nephew Zeland. Then I went to work where Janet had made me a homemade kringle!! It was so good and made with hickory nuts that she picked from her own back yard. I came home, made sketti and biscotti with a recipe I found in a free paper. It tasted good this morning, however you kind of have to soak it in some coffee for a few moments. Hey, at least it’s still good and slows you down from eating three hundred of them.

Oh crap, I have three minutes to brush my hair and put some shoes on before Hilary gets here and we go out to lunch. THEN I get a hair cut!

Perhaps I’ll update more later. I mean, apparrently I gotta lot to say. But you know, I always have a lot to say. I am starting to figure that I spend at least 2-3 hours a day writing.

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