I woke up with a crushing headache today. I took some tylenol and it dulled it to an ache until it came back later and brought it’s friends nausea and the shakes. Then I took a nap and finally downed some excedrine — I hope it goes away for good. I have plans tonight and they require me to be out in public.

One I am seeing some kind of sengalese (sp?) hiphop thing at the Union Theatre with my friend Roberta. Then after that I was thinking inferno. However, if this headache doesn’t go away completely then I am thinking just the show (since it requires the use of a ticket with good seats and I said I would go already).

Tim got a hair cut today. I got a package in the mail yesterday — all things that go towards a week in pictures deal instead of everyday deal. With this headache – I’m lucky to even be posting text.

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